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Score Premium Siding for a Fraction of the Price Through Hail Damage in Mount Prospect

Getting the home exterior upgrade of your dreams can seem like a daunting financial undertaking. However, savvy homeowners in Mount Prospect, Illinois have discovered how to install premium materials such as James Hardie fiber-cement siding and Versetta Stone veneer for a fraction of the price, thanks to having a hail storm in April of 2023, their home's siding being made of aluminum and understanding the insurance claim process.

The Unforeseen Opportunity

A homeowner in Mount Prospect filed an insurance claim with Allstate after their roof was damaged in the storm. An adjuster came out, inspected the roof, and approved the claim. However, the adjuster failed to inspect other areas of potential damage, such as the gutters, downspouts, window wraps, and siding. This oversight was due to both the homeowner and their initial roofing contractor lacking a comprehensive understanding of the insurance claim process and the impact of hail damage in Mount Prospect on aluminum siding, gutters, and downspouts. As great as a roofer can be they may or may not specialize in storm damage and only focus on installation and repair.

TomKat Restoration Steps In

When the homeowner decided to upgrade their siding, they reached out to TomKat Restoration for an estimate. They were considering James Hardie with Versetta Stone and vinyl siding. TomKat explained that while they were happy to provide an estimate, the homeowner's existing aluminum siding could potentially be covered by their homeowner's insurance if storm damage was evident.

Upon inspection, TomKat found evidence of hail damage on the aluminum siding, window wraps, and gutters. This prompted the homeowner to explain that they already filed a claim and they didn't realize the siding can be covered. TomKat advised the homeowner to reopen their claim with Allstate since this was a large error in the adjuster inspection. With TomKat's guidance, the homeowner successfully had these additional damages approved.

Choosing Premium Materials Without the Premium Price Tag

With Allstate covering the cost of "like type" materials (i.e., the existing aluminum siding), the homeowner now had the freedom to choose the exact exterior they desired. If they had chosen vinyl siding, they would not have had to pay a penny more than their initial deductible. However, they opted for the more premium James Hardie and Versetta Stone.

While these materials did require an additional out-of-pocket expense as they exceeded the value of the original material, the homeowner was able to install these premium materials for only $10,000, instead of over $40,000.

The Value of an Experienced Contractor

This story underscores the pivotal role that an experienced contractor plays in navigating an insurance claim. While not all claims unfold in the same way, having a contractor who understands both storm damage and the claim process can ensure that nothing is overlooked.

If you need assistance with your claim in Mount Prospect or anywhere in Illinois that a hail storm has hit or are considering upgrading your home's exterior, contact TomKat Restoration. We're here to help you make the most of your insurance claim and transform your home with high-quality materials at a fraction of the cost.


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