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Hail Damage on Aluminum Siding

If your home has aluminum siding, it's important to inspect it after each storm as this type of material is highly susceptible to hail damages. Fortunately, TomKat has a 99% approval rating for all aluminum siding claims, helping homeowners replace any damages with ease. 


Hailstones can dent, scratch, and crack aluminum siding, leaving it vulnerable to corrosion and rust. The impact of hailstones can also loosen the coating of the siding, eventually leading to peeling, cracking, and chalking. Even small-sized hailstones can cause major damage to aluminum siding, making it crucial to ensure your property is fully covered. 

At TomKat, we know how valuable our customers' properties are, and we're committed to providing the highest-quality service possible. Our 99% approval rating for aluminum siding claims makes us the ideal partner for anyone who values their property and wants to keep it safe from hail damage. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with the claims filing process and provide you all the necessary information you need to get your damages resolved. Remember, when it comes to protecting your home from weather events, it's never too early to take action. Contact Tomkat today for a free inspection to see if you qualify, before it's too late!

Hail Damage on Aluminum Siding in Mount Prospect, Illinois

A home in Mount Prospect with hail damage and other types of dents not hail related. 

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