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Vinyl Siding

We are proud to offer the highest quality vinyl siding services and products. Our contractor specializes in Mastic vinyl siding and we can provide this material in both Standard and Dutch Lap styles. Additionally, we offer Shake and Board and Batten vertical vinyl siding. Our craftsmen work to ensure our vinyl siding is installed to the highest standards and that our clients have a satisfactory experience.

Mount Prospect Before Image Aluminum Siding Hail Damage
Mount Prospect Linden Ln After Photo of hail damage restoration insurance claim

Lap Siding Styles

Vinyl Board and Batten

Vinyl Shake Siding

Mastic Vinyl Siding Types - TomKat Restoration.jpg
Mastic Vinyl Board and Batten - Tomkat Restoration.jpg
Mastic Vinyl Shake Siding - TomKat Restoration.jpg
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