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Storm Damage
Insurance Claims

Hail and wind storms can be destructive to a home's exterior like roofs, siding, gutters, downspouts, some fascia, and window wraps. 

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To recoup the costs of structural and cosmetic damage after these storms, homeowners should employ a contractor who knows how to spot storm damage and knows how much is needed for insurance claims to be approved. A storm damage experienced contractor will know how to spot damage and can assist the homeowner in guaranteeing that all areas of the property are correctly accounted for and paid out.


The contractor does not charge for assisting you with the and so both parties benefit–the homeowner for getting the claim approved, and the contractor for getting the job of restoring the home's exterior. 

Homeowners are only responsible for their deductible when their insurance covers the replacement of the roof. The deductible is the amount the homeowner agreed to pay the contractor if there was a loss. The deductible amount was agreed upon at the time the homeowner signed onto their insurance policy.

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What does hail damage look like here in Illinois? Click here to see


What does wind damage look like here in Illinois? Click here to see. 

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The Claim Process

TomKat has the expertise to properly inspect the property and determine if there is any storm-related damage or any wear and tear. TomKat will then explain the conditions of the roof and what is age related and what is storm related. TomKat's assistance has a very high approval rate of storm-related claims. TomKat assists you with their experience of the material and knowing what is or isn't storm related so you don't file a claim when there's no evidence of storm damage. This results in TomKat having a 97% approval rating for hail

and wind claims assistance, and a 99% approval for storm damage

on aluminum siding and this makes TomKat the go-to experts for storm damage insurance claims assistance.

Before you commit to filling an insurance claim, TomKat will ensure the claim process runs smoothly for you by explaining the details and paperwork you need and what to expect from the insurance company. This will help you feel informed and supported throughout the process and make sure you are fully aware of what will happen before you start any process. If a claim is difficult to approve, or proper funds have not been fully paid out a licensed Public Adjuster can handle that for you and TomKat can give you referrals to some of the leading Public Adjusters in the area. 

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