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What Does Hail Look Like Here in Illinois

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Hail in Illinois is usually between 1/4" to 2" with an average of 1/2" to 1".  On the lower end the hail size cannot cause damage to most roofs but it can cause damage to aluminum material such as aluminum siding, vents, gutters and downspouts, gutter covers, window and door wraps and fascia. On the higher end usually starting with 1" the hail can start to damage roof shingles and even window cladding. Hail damage in Illinois occurs frequently with multiple storms each year but they're not always catastrophe type hail storms. However, size of hail and density isn't the only thing to look at with hail. The type, condition and age of th roof plays a big role. Those who do not have proper attic ventilation may have deteriorating shingles with granule loss making a smaller hail stone cause hail damage for example. So this means having your property inspected after a storm is important to make sure your exterior is not in need of any repairs or replacement. Let us jump up top and take a look for you. Book an inspection with us today.

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