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TomKat Restoration: Premier Restoration Services for Plainfield


TomKat Restoration is proud to provide exceptional exterior restoration services to residential and commercial properties in Plainfield. Our team of seasoned professionals is well-versed in the challenges of weather and climate unique to the area, ensuring that your property is protected from the elements all year round. From expert roofing repairs and replacements to durable siding installations, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch solutions with the highest quality materials and workmanship. Whether you're dealing with hail or wind damage or simply looking to improve your property's curb appeal, TomKat Restoration has you covered. Trust us as your reliable partner in exterior restoration and get ready to enjoy a safe, beautiful, and well-maintained property for years to come.

TomKat Restoration, with a 97% approval rating can help with all types of storm damage. Storm damage Illinois is not always an easy approval since Illinois gets several different sized hail stones. Some are small and some are large. When it’s hard to tell the difference between hail damage and wear-and-tear TomKat can help simplify the process. With so many other variables that help approve storm damaged areas like vinyl siding and roofing, on your home such as your existing shingles that are no longer available can help you get a new roof with minimal damage,  multiple layers that do not allow for even small repairs all can be things that other contractors may overlook and miss out on helping you get your property approved and made whole again. Vinyl siding Illinois is usually added on after old hail damage on aluminum siding is approved by insurance. At TomKat Restoration we have a 98% approval rating for aluminum siding replacement. We know what hail damage looks like and what isn’t hail like other debris or a garden tool dent on the aluminum and we can show you insurance carrier the difference. Another difference between hail damage on a roof and on aluminum is that if the hail is dense enough you can have pea-sized hail damage aluminum. A roof requires larger hail for damage. A small hailstorm can have you replace your homes siding and bring it up to date. You can replace old, damaged aluminum siding with vinyl and you do not need to come out of pocket for vinyl except for your deductible which is an amount you have agreed on with your insurance carrier right before purchasing homeowners insurance. You can also install fiber-cement siding instead of vinyl but usually there’s an additional charge for that since it’s a premium product. The charge is small compared to paying out of pocket for your whole house. James Hardie Illinois is what TomKat uses for fiber-cement siding. It comes in many color options and smooth or cedar mill texture. It also has various styles like lap siding, shingle siding and board and batten to choose from. You can mix and match colors and styles to create a unique look for your home. If you are looking into James Hardie or any other siding including roof colors, you can use our 3D roof and siding design tool to create a rendering and play around with color and style of your whole house. This is why TomKat Restoration is your go-to contractor when homeowners search for a vinyl siding installer near me.


When it comes to insurance claims Illinois hail damage is a big concern for many exterior parts of the home and hail damage roof is the top concern since it can cause a leak. Wind damage is also a big factor but not all wind damage is visible. If you’re missing shingles, it is obvious but with wind creases you can’t see them from the ground. Another wind damage part of the roof that can’t be seen is the wind that comes under your shingles and lifts them up tearing them off from the fasteners. Those are completely unseen since they tear-off from the nails and you can only tell when you go to lift the shingle and it completely comes up. This type of wind damage shouldn’t be confused with unzipping, which is typically an install issue related to the nailing.

But we can’t talk about restoration without including the gutters. Hail damage also hits the gutters and downspouts, and they are usually included in the insurance work scope when you file a claim for a roof or siding or both. New gutters are almost always part of those roofing or siding projects and gutters along with soffit and fascia are sometimes overlooked by homeowners when considering new designs and colors. Old worn gutters and soffit and fascia look worse due to contrast next to new, clean siding. Soffit and fascia is typically overlooked even more than gutters and new shiny gutters next to aged soffit and fascia stick out even more. But even with newer soffit and fascia with gutters might need changing if you are changing the whole look of your home. TomKat Restoration can do completely new soffit and fascia with the rest of your property. You may not need new gutters, but you might have some issues and TomKat Restoration also offers gutter repair and gutter repair Illinois is in high demand because any gutter issues can cause water to get to your foundation so there is urgency when it comes to properly directing water away from your home.

We offer free inspections for storm damage and for those without any storm damage we can estimate your desired project. Book an appointment with us to come measure and estimate your project or ask us to inspect your home to see if you have any storm damage. It is possible to be in the middle of a hail storm but your property have little to no storm damage. Factors like what type of product is on your home, the age of the material and so on.

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