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Hail Damage Illinois: The Hidden Impact of Smaller Hailstones

In Illinois, we're no strangers to hailstorms. However, our region isn't known for consistently large hailstones, but rather frequent storms with hailstones ranging from half an inch to an inch and a half in size. While this may seem insignificant when compared to the softball-sized hail reported in other parts of the country, the impact on our homes can be just as severe, albeit less obvious. Every state or region deals with hail storms in the way it impacts them so hail damage in Texas isn't the same as hail damage in Ohio or hail damage in Florida, hail damage in Washington or hail damage Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, etc...

Pointing to a possible hail hit on a roof in Chicago. Tomkat Restoration
Pointing to a possible hail hit on a roof in Chicago

The Subtle Yet Significant Impact of Smaller Hailstones

Smaller hailstones may not cause the immediately visible damage that larger ones do, such as broken windows or dented cars. However, they can still cause significant harm to your home's roofing system and soft metals. Unfortunately, this damage often goes unnoticed until leaks or mold appear, leading to costly out-of-pocket repairs.

Some older roofs might not show signs of damage after a storm with half-inch hail. Yet, it's crucial to remember that the lack of visible damage doesn't necessarily mean your roof is unscathed. Factors like the density of the hailstone and the duration of the storm play significant roles in the extent of the damage.

For instance, North Aurora experienced a hailstorm that lasted for 11 minutes. Although the hailstones were small, the prolonged exposure caused substantial damage to many properties' roofs and soft metals.

The Role of Insurance Companies

Unfortunately, some insurance companies, such as Country Financial, do not consider hail under .75 inches when assessing damage. This approach neglects the fact that smaller hailstones fall closer together, potentially causing more widespread damage than larger, more spaced-out hailstones.

The Importance of Post-Storm Inspections

Given these factors, it's essential to have your home inspected after any hailstorm, regardless of the size of the hailstones. A professional inspection can reveal damage that isn't immediately visible, saving you from potential headaches down the line.

If left untreated, even minor hail damage can lead to significant problems such as leaks and mold growth. Furthermore, if these issues aren't addressed within the timeframe to claim insurance funds, you could find yourself bearing the cost of repairs.

In conclusion, while Illinois may not experience consistently large hail, the smaller, more frequent hailstorms we face can still cause significant damage. Always inspect your home after any hailstorm to ensure any potential damage is identified and addressed promptly. This proactive approach can help protect your home, save you money, and provide peace of mind in the aftermath of a storm.

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