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TomKat Restoration: The Best Vinyl Siding Installer Near Me

Are you on the internet doing a search for a reliable and experienced "vinyl siding installer near me"? Look no further than TomKat Restoration in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Being a service area for TomKat, their team of experts has been helping homeowners with their vinyl installation needs for years. Most of the time, homeowners seek out vinyl installation due to hail damage on aluminum siding. And TomKat Restoration has an edge in this area as they are experts with insurance claims, helping homeowners see if they do indeed have hail damage. It's important to know that not all dings on aluminum siding are hail, and filing an insurance claim without expert guidance could make you end up losing money.

Vinyl siding installer near me is the one and only TomKat Restoration in Mount Prospect Illinois
Vinyl siding installer near me is the one and only TomKat Restoration

Apart from hail damage, there are other reasons why people opt for vinyl installation. They include:

Beautification: The primary reason why people opt for vinyl installation is the need to enhance the appearance of their home. They may choose a different color or texture than their current siding, making it more aesthetically pleasing. With vinyl siding, you can reinvent the look of your home without a significant investment, and TomKat Restoration can help you achieve your desired look.

Upgrade from outdated siding: If you have an older home with outdated siding, it's time to upgrade to vinyl siding, which is low maintenance, long-lasting, and energy-efficient. This makes it a perfect option for homeowners looking to enhance their home's energy efficiency and modernize the look and feel of their home.

Replace damaged vinyl siding: Although vinyl siding is more resilient than aluminum siding, it can still be damaged by severe hailstorms or high winds. The difference is that with vinyl siding, you can replace the damaged boards alone without changing the entire side. This is not the case with aluminum siding, where you have to replace the entire side. With TomKat Restoration, you can have the damaged boards replaced, giving you the same look and feel of the home.

Increase Home Value: Replacing aluminum siding with vinyl siding greatly increases the value of your home. This is due to its low maintenance, energy efficiency, and durability. The attractive look of vinyl siding is also a great selling point when selling your home.

In conclusion, TomKat Restoration is the perfect vinyl installer for all your vinyl installation needs. Whether for hail damage or other reasons, their team of experts has all the experience you need. They help you navigate the insurance claim process in the case of hail damage and guide you through the beautification process of vinyl installation. With TomKat Restoration, you are assured of quality installation, which will enhance the look and value of your home. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact TomKat Restoration at 847-305-8887 or visit their website at


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