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Say Goodbye to Leaky Gutters with TomKat Restoration's Professional Gutter Repair Illinois Services

At TomKat Restoration, we are excited to announce that we now offer professional gutter repair services. While we have always provided new gutter system installations, we recognized the need for homeowners to have their existing gutters fixed. We added this service to our offerings to ensure that our customers receive a full range of high-quality exterior home improvement solutions.

To make things more convenient for our customers, we have divided our gutter repair services into three categories: minor, moderate, and extensive.

The minor repair category covers quick fixes, such as replacing a leaky corner or two damaged downspouts. The moderate repairs are usually for a whole gutter run that requires replacement, including the gutter apron behind it.

For more extensive repairs, we recommend booking the 'extensive' repair service, which is suitable for homes with more linear feet of gutters. This service includes repairing multiple corners that are leaking around the house or replacing old and leaky gutters that are not seamless. In some cases, upgrading to oversized downspouts may also be necessary.

To book any of these services, you can easily visit our website and schedule an appointment online. We request that you allow us a week from the time you book online to assess the repair. In some cases, we may need to match the existing color or collaborate with you to provide an accurate estimate.

If you are uncertain about which service to book, we recommend that you book an estimate. Our experts come out to inspect the project and discuss the necessary repairs with you to give you an accurate estimate.

At TomKat Restoration, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality of exterior home improvement solutions. For all your gutter repair needs, trust the experienced team at TomKat Restoration to restore your gutters and protect your home's foundation.

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