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Hail Damage on Aluminum Siding in Arlington Heights: Know Your Coverage

Arlington Heights, Illinois may be known for its stunning architecture, but it's no stranger to hailstorms. Did you know that even pea-sized hailstones could cause severe damage to your home's exterior, specifically hail damage on aluminum siding? Surprisingly, over 50% of homes in Mount Prospect have aluminum siding, yet many homeowners are unaware of the damage that hailstones can inflict on their houses. This blog post highlights the damages hailstorms can cause, the importance of recognizing cosmetic damage, and the coverages your insurance policy provides.

Hail damage on aluminum siding in Arlington Heights a TomKat service area
Hail damage on aluminum siding in Arlington Heights a TomKat service area

Hailstones can provide an intense impact, which results in cosmetic problems like dents and scratches in aluminum siding. These dents may not be a cause for alarm, but they can detract from your home's aesthetic appeal, and, if not addressed, can lead to more severe damages in the future. Hail damage is not limited to just the aluminum siding. It can also cause harm to your roof, windows, screens, and more. To prevent this issue, it's necessary to examine your home after a hailstorm to check for any damage.

The good news is that many homeowners' insurance policies cover hail damage. It's crucial to familiarize yourself with the coverage provided to avoid facing any unexpected expenses. Most insurance policies cover both the actual cost of repair or replacement, and the "dwelling" coverage, which means the whole structure of your home. Additionally, insurance policies can also cover any depreciated value, which means factors such as the age of your home can be considered when determining coverage rates.

Homeowners should always hire a professional to inspect their home's exterior damage. An experienced contractor can help to evaluate the extent of the issue and the cost of repairs. Ensure that you hire a licensed contractor; this prevents you from engaging with an incompetent contractor who offers shoddy services that may cost you more in the long run.

Homeowners' insurance can also cover for damages caused by hailstone that could result in water damage inside your home. For example, if hail has caused a hole in your roof, filling your home's interiors with water. A decent coverage policy will cover for water damage, which means you won't have to worry about extra expenses to repair household items such as electronics, carpets, or any other damage in your home due to water.

Severe hailstorms can cause unexpected damages to your home's exterior. If you have aluminum siding, the chances of the hailstones causing damage are exceptionally high. Homeowners need to familiarize themselves with their insurance policies and coverage's that include hail damage repair or replacement. It's wise to hire professional contractors to examine the extent of the damage and come up with a resolution plan. While hail damage may seem minor, cosmetic damage can eventually lead to more significant issues if left unresolved. If you're unsure about your coverage, please speak to your insurance agent or hire a professional contractor to examine your home for any hail damage.


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