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Discover Glen Ellyn, Illinois: Home to a Diverse and Growing Population

Nestled within the heart of Dupage County lies the charming village of Glen Ellyn, Illinois. This unassuming town is bursting with life and culture, attracting a growing number of residents each year. As one of TomKat Restoration's service areas, Glen Ellyn is more than just a picturesque suburb and offers the perfect blend of small-town familiarity and big-city convenience. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at Glen Ellyn's population, highlight the latest growth trends, and explain why many of the area's homes may need much-needed restoration services.

Glen Ellyn Illinois is a service area for TomKat Restoration
Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Population and Growth

At the heart of Glen Ellyn's appeal is its diverse and thriving community. According to the latest census data, Glen Ellyn's population was 27,045, with 84.4% of residents identifying as White, 5.4% as Asian, 4.3% as Hispanic, and 3.5% as African-American. Additionally, Glen Ellyn has an affluent population with a median household income of $104,247, making it a highly desirable place to live and raise a family.

In recent years, Glen Ellyn has experienced steady growth, with the population increasing by 0.21% since 2010. A big draw for many of the new residents is the abundance of parks, nature preserves, and historic landmarks within the village. Moreover, its ample dining, shopping, and entertainment options make it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

Roofing Damage

Despite the many benefits of living in Glen Ellyn, homeowners in the area face a common problem - the wear and tear of their roofs. According to a recent survey conducted by TomKat Restoration, approximately 40% of homes in Glen Ellyn have roofs that are over 10 years old. This number translates to almost 11,000 homes that are susceptible to both storm damage and general wear and tear.

Considering that Illinois is no stranger to severe weather and hailstorms, it's critical for homeowners to inspect their roofs regularly. At TomKat Restoration, our experienced inspectors will check your roof for both storm-related damage and general wear and tear. We highly recommend scheduling regular maintenance for your roof to ensure it stays in top condition and to prevent any possible water damage from occurring.


Glen Ellyn, Illinois, is a village that truly has it all, from a diverse and vibrant population to charming parks and landmarks. Its homeowners, however, must remain vigilant in protecting their homes from potential weather and general wear damage, particularly for older roofs. With regular roof inspections from TomKat Restoration, homeowners can prevent or mitigate any damage from occurring to keep their homes safe and secure.

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