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Updating Roof and Siding in Mount Prospect, Illinois: A Trend Among New Homeowners

Northwest of Chicago is where village of Mount Prospect, Illinois, is situated. Many new families find its suburban vibe to be enticing and the schools are excellent. Because of this, there has been a significant influx of younger families into homes that the elderly previously held in the community. These houses typically needed new siding and roofs because they were older and worn.

With the surge of new homes, it has become commonplace to update siding and roofs. Depending on their preferences and budget, homeowners choose James Hardie fiber-cement siding or vinyl siding for their homes. Typically, factors like durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetics influence the material selection.

Because vinyl siding requires little maintenance, it is a popular choice among homeowners and especially because it is so affordable. Additionally, it is an energy-efficient material that aids in keeping the house cool in the summer. It also comes in a variety of colors and designs, giving homeowners the option to select the style that best complements their house.

James Hardie fiber-cement siding is an additional well-liked choice. Compared to vinyl siding, it is more resilient to bad weather and more durable. This substance is resistant to fire, insects, and moisture since it is formed of a combination of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. Due to its use of environmentally friendly components, it is also a viable solution.

The entire village benefits from the trend of replacing roofs and siding in addition to the new homeowners. Mount Prospect has developed into a desirable location for young families to settle down, homes sporting contemporary roofs and cladding. All parties concerned benefit from the improved property values as a result of this. In conclusion, new homeowners in Mount Prospect, Illinois, prefer to upgrade their roof and siding. Depending on their requirements and preferences, homeowners can choose between James Hardie fiber-cement siding and vinyl siding. If you're interested in also changing your roof and siding get a quote from TomKat Restoration. Book an inspection if you think you have any storm damage and also book a free estimate. Go to and click on BOOK ONLINE or call (833) 3TOMKAT

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