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TomKat Restoration: Your Go-To Contractor for Northfield, Illinois Storm Damage Inspections

The Northfield, Illinois area is one of the best places to live in Illinois, with its charming properties, great amenities, and wonderful community. However, this beautiful place is not immune to harsh weather, especially severe thunderstorms and hailstorms. These extreme weather conditions often leave property damage and can put homeowners in stressful situations. Finding a reliable contractor for inspections and repairs after a storm is essential. In this blog post, we will discuss the statistics of the properties in the Northfield area and specifically focus on the need for inspections of damaged roofs and aluminum siding. We will also introduce TomKat Restoration, a reliable and professional contractor that provides expert inspections, repair and hail damage restoration services in the Northfield area.

Northfield, Illinois a TomKat Restoration service area
Northfield, Illinois

Northfield is a beautiful area with unique properties. It consists of about 6,000 residents, with more than 80% of them living in owner-occupied housing units. The median household income in this area is around $125,000, making it a wealthy community with high-end properties. Many properties in this area have been around for over a decade, which means some of those roofs already show signs of wear and tear and that wear and tear can be accelerated by extreme weather conditions. For instance, the Northfield area experiences around 37 inches of rain and 27 inches of snow each year, which can cause leaks and other roof damage. In fact, a survey conducted by TomKat Restoration reveals that over 20% of the homes in the Northfield area have roofs over ten years old, making them more vulnerable to storm damage, leaks, and other issues.

Apart from worn-out roofs, aluminum siding is also prevalent in Northfield properties. Around 30% of properties in the Northfield area utilize aluminum siding, which can become dented, bent, or cracked when hit by hail, and can lead to structural issues, such as condensation or water infiltration. If dents and holes in aluminum siding are left unattended, it can lead to long-term problems that are more costly to fix, and worse, it can lead to major mold or pests issues. Aside from those aspects of hail damage on aluminum siding you have curb appeal. Your insurance carrier is there to make you whole from both damage and property value and curb appeal reflects the homes market value.

After a storm, it is essential to have a professional contractor inspect the property for damage. With its expert knowledge of structures and comprehensive evaluation skills, TomKat Restoration provides the best inspections services for the Northfield area. Its professional team is fully equipped with solutions that detect even minor damage to properties, both externally and internally.

Northfield is a beautiful area, but like any other area, it is not free from wear and tear, especially extreme weather. Property owners need to be aware of the various factors that can lead to long-term damage to their properties. TomKat Restoration is the best solution to get the job done for these types of situations. Whether you are in need of a storm damage inspection or wish to have a comprehensive assessment of the condition of your property, TomKat Restoration is there to provide expert and reliable services for homeowners in Northfield. You can easily schedule the service by visiting their website, or by calling or emailing their support team.

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