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TomKat Restoration Ramps Up Storm Damage Services in Aurora Following Major Hail Storm

Early in April 2023, a significant hailstorm tore through Aurora, leaving a path of devastation and countless homes in desperate need of repair. Many homeowners sought help from nearby contractors as they faced the impending one-year deadline for filing insurance claims for storm damage.

TomKat Restoration is one business that has stepped up to meet the need for storm damage inspections and repairs. TomKat Restoration has swiftly established a solid reputation in the Aurora community for providing high-quality service and professionalism.

TomKat has grown its presence in Aurora in order to better assist homes in need of storm damage restoration services. To meet the growing demand from homeowners who want quick, effective, and trustworthy replacement of their exteriors, the company has grown its team of professionals and increased its service area.

TomKat Restoration is an expert in a variety of restoration services, including gutter repairs and replacement, siding replacement, and roof replacement. Modern tools and methods are used by the company's highly qualified personnel to guarantee that all repairs are carried out efficiently and to the highest standards.

Along with providing excellent repair services, TomKat Restoration is dedicated to guiding homeowners with filing insurance claims. To ensure that all paperwork is completed on time and that the claims process runs as smoothly as possible, the company's professionals work closely with homeowners.

Homeowners are reminded of the need to file a claim for any repairs or to replace any part of their home's exterior before the one-year deadline for filing insurance claims approaches. After the disastrous hailstorm of April 2023, TomKat Restoration is committed to assisting homeowners in Aurora get back on their feet.

If you are a homeowner in Aurora in need of storm damage inspection or repair services, do not hesitate to contact TomKat Restoration today. With their increased presence in the area and unwavering commitment to quality service, you can trust that your home will be in good hands.

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