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Protecting your Home from Hail Storm Damage: A Post-April Storm Reminder

April's hail storm covered a vast area, and while some homes experienced significant damage like in Montgomery Illinois, others were left with subtle but potentially costly damage to their exterior elements like Des Plaines. Siding and soft metals, such as gutters, downspouts, vents, aluminum door and window wraps, and fascia, are all vulnerable to hail damage.

Even if a house was on the edge of the storm and didn't experience significant hail damage, smaller hailstones can still be enough to damage aluminum siding and soft metals. That's why it's crucial to have a professional inspect your property and evaluate any potential damage.

At TomKat Restoration, we offer free inspections to assess your home's exterior and identify any damage caused by the hailstorm. Our trained professionals can determine whether the damage warrants a claim or not.

Ignoring small hail damage may seem like an easy and inexpensive solution initially. However, over time, this type of damage can lead to severe issues, such as leaks and mold growth. It's better to be safe than sorry and have an expert evaluate your home's exterior, even if the damage seems minor.

Remember to protect your home's value by conducting regular inspections and addressing any damages immediately. Contact TomKat Restoration today to schedule a free inspection and ensure your home is protected from future hail storms.

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