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Look Before You Book. Storm Damage Inspections with TomKat Restorations

Hoffman Estates, Illinois recently experienced a hailstorm, but not all areas were hit with large hail. It's important to note that not all roofs and exteriors are the same. Some roofs are older and more worn, while others are newer and thicker, making them more resistant to large hail. Additionally, very large hail is needed to break vinyl siding, while less dense hail can cause little to no damage.

In light of this, it's crucial to get an inspection even in areas that were heavily hit by the storm. You can easily book online for your inspection with TomKat Restorations. It's always better to know what you're dealing with before filing a claim. Otherwise, when the insurance adjuster comes out to assess the damage, that claim will go on your record.

It's important to keep in mind that you typically don't want too many claims on your record within a short period of time. Insurance companies try to prevent frivolous claims, so having less than three claims within a 5-7 year period is ideal.

Areas that had hail close to the size that can cause damage, along with a mix of newer and older roofs, have a higher risk of not all roofs being damaged. That's why it's crucial to look before you book. Don't risk filing a claim for damage that doesn't exist. Instead, book your storm damage inspection with TomKat Restorations today.

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