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How Aurora and Niles Building Departments Ensure Proper Ventilation in Roofing Systems

A new roof is a significant investment for most homeowners. When receiving an estimate, they mainly look at price points, but one crucial aspect that many overlook is proper ventilation in their roofing system. Sadly, many contractors do not address this essential factor, resulting in a shorter lifespan of the roof and causing problems from leaks to rotting the decking and mold. However, these issues can be avoided with the help of building departments like Aurora and Niles or a proper roofer like TomKat Restoration who does not need a building department to install a roofing system the proper ay.

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The Aurora building department does an inspection to ensure that not only a new roof is installed, but also the whole ventilation system is double-checked. This is a great thing for residents as they can feel confident that their new roof will last longer and avoid any unexpected repairs. On the other hand, the Niles building department does not have an inspection for ventilation, but it is outlined in their requirements when putting on a new roof.

Proper ventilation is essential to make sure that the roofing system functions correctly. Without adequate ventilation, the roof can wear and tear much sooner. Moreover, it can create problems like leaks, rotting of the decking, and mold. Therefore, it is essential to choose a contractor that not only provides a new roof but also ensures that the whole roofing system is up to code.

TomKat Restoration is a roofing company that stands out from the rest because they replace the roof and also inspect and repair or replace whole roofing system to ensure proper ventilation and installation. They check for proper intake when replacing the roof or soffit and fascia. They give the homeowner options to resolve the issue and at the vary least make it known to the homeowner that there is an issue. When replacing the roof, they lift some plywood and look and see if there are any soffit intakes and how many and their size. If it isn't enough, they tell the homeowner and give them options in resolving the issue. In Aurora the homeowner does not have a choice to leave the soffit for another time because the roof will not pass inspection. This should be addressed by the contractor as it is a hidden cost in the roof installation process.

In conclusion, proper ventilation is an essential aspect of a roofing system, and it's good to see that building departments like Aurora and Niles are doing their part to ensure that contractors address this factor. However, it's important to note that this is something that should be done in every home all over the country. When hiring a contractor, it is important to compare apples to apples and choose one that will make sure your whole roofing system is up to code even if the building department is not inspecting the project. TomKat Restoration is a great choice for homeowners looking for a roofing company that goes above and beyond. Get an inspection or estimate today. Call (833) 3TOMKAT or book online.


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