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Get What's Yours: TomKat Reopens Partially Paid Insurance Claims

Most homeowners don't realize that a seemingly final decision from their insurance company denying or only partially paying for hail and wind damage claims (storm damage) isn't necessarily the end of the road. You can open up the claim again, and often times you'll find there are more items that you’re entitled to get paid for. This is why it's important to seek advice from a company like TomKat Restoration who has extensive experience in dealing with storm damage claims.

Before. New roof approved but their insurance and previous contractor didn't even look at the aluminum siding.

For example, one customer in Mount Prospect called us to inquire about siding replacement, but were worried about financing options. We went out to measure and provide an estimate, but soon realized that the existing siding was aluminum - meaning even small hail had already caused much of it to become damaged. The insurance company had already paid out on the roofing portion of the claim, but since neither this homeowner nor their previous roofing contractor mentioned the condition of the aluminum siding at all - they didn't point out that they should be able to get this replaced and their insurance company didn’t volunteer to inspect the property further as well.

After. TomKat Restoration advised on next steps and the homeowner was able to get the dream home they always wanted.

TomKat Restoration advised them on how to re-open their claim and having the insurance company come back out and take a second look at not just the siding, but also window wraps, gutters and downspouts – thanks to our careful inspection. Since now all aspects of their exterior had been covered by their homeowners insurance – through no additional cost– our customer was able to then use whatever budget they saved up for something else as a way to upgrade the exterior. So instead of using whatever money they had saved up as a downpayment plus financing for the rest of project for mere basic vinyl siding replacement; this enabled them to upgrade and add both Versetta Stone on two sides of their house plus James Hardie Plank Siding and Shingle Siding on other parts -all thanks to opening up their claim again!

If you ever experience any kind issues with your home’s storm damage claims, make sure you speak with experts who know how things work. An experienced contractor – such as TomKat Restoration– can often help point you in right direction so you don’t miss out on any potential payments from your insurance company that are rightfully yours. Even if you’ve already filed your claim or received the results – these can still be re-opened within a year after your incident occurred. So always ask for trusted advice because you never know what hasn’t been covered that you’re missing out on!


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