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Don't be Fooled by Wind Damage: The Hidden Danger on Your Roof

Wind storms can be a scary time for homeowners, particularly if you suspect that your roof may have been affected. While most wind damage is visible and noticeable from the ground, there's one significant issue that many homeowners may overlook when it comes to wind damage.

An adjuster or contractor will mark a wind damaged shingle with chalk the length of the shingle as shown above.

Wind that travels under shingles can lift them up and detach them from the nails, leaving a circular hole. Unfortunately, this kind of damage isn't visible from below and can go unnoticed by many homeowners. However, experienced contractors or storm damage restoration companies like TomKat can assess your roofs and determine the extent of the damage. Even during storms that do not have lots of high winds you could get microbursts like the ones that caused storm damage in Aurora.

It's important to note that not all lifted shingles are considered wind damage. If you see a nail lifted up from the decking and still attached to the shingle, this is probably due to installation rather than wind. That said, a roofing professional will be able to evaluate your roof and let you know what kind of damage you're dealing with.

You can lift a wind damaged shingle and you'll feel it come up too high because it's no longer attached to the decking.

If you suspect wind damage, it's essential to have your roof assessed by a professional quickly. Any damage that's left untreated can lead to even bigger problems down the line, from leaks to mold growth. If you qualify for a claim, a professional roofing company like TomKat can help you navigate the insurance process.

The wind pushed the shingle up so fast that it just tore it right off the nail head. You'll see a perfect circle.

Don't wait until it's too late - contact TomKat Restoration today to assess any wind damage to your roof and get back to a safe and sturdy home.

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