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Vinyl Siding in Montgomery Illinois: Partial Replacement vs. Full Replacement

The April storm in Montgomery Illinois caused a lot of damage to roofs, aluminum siding, and gutters and fascia. However, vinyl siding in Illinois is different. Although there was some damage, it wasn't enough for a full replacement through an insurance claim. One of the benefits of vinyl siding is that you can replace individual panels without damaging the connected ones.

TomKat Restoration Insurance Claim Awarded for Roofing, gutters and siding.
Montgomery Illinois, Buchanan Ln - New Roof Installed. Next up, gutters and siding

Aluminum siding bends easily, like pop cans, which makes it difficult to make partial replacements. However, with vinyl siding, you can make partial replacements, which is cost-effective and efficient. Instead of replacing the entire elevation, you only need to replace the damaged panels.

But sometimes, the city or village rules come into play, as well as HOA's. In this part of Montgomery, the homeowners' association did not allow partial replacement of vinyl siding, so the insurance carrier had to pay for completely new siding. that was prefered for the homeowner because he was looking to change his siding color within the next few years anyway. This is why it's important to use an experienced contractor in storm restoration. They can help you navigate through all the regulations and requirements, ensuring that you get the full and proper amount out of your claim.

If you're looking for a reliable contractor for your storm restoration needs, look no further than Tomkat Restoration. Our team of experts has years of experience in dealing with storm damage, and we can help you restore your home's exterior back to its pre-damage condition with our experienced advice. If you prefer, we can also work directly with your insurance company to make sure you get the compensation you deserve and provide high-quality workmanship for your complete satisfaction.

In conclusion, vinyl siding is an excellent choice for your home's exterior and can withstand storm damage better than aluminum siding. Tomkat Restoration is here to help you navigate through the process and get the full replacement you need. Don't hesitate to call us for all your storm restoration needs in Montgomery IL.


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